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Dima wrote:
Conquest of the Mediteranean

12 People, attendance score not below 80.

24  6p games: deathmatch capped 20 fog.

Dont worry about stalemates; in the last Tournament there was not a single stalemate; also in general stalemates happen rarely in capped fog games (just as often as with increasing cards)


1) EvilSinner666
2) roy12345
3) KoE_Doja
4) LuckyRolls
5) Sygmassacre
6) dough_boy
7) GM_Archiee
8) Connorkey
9) catpere
10) Ready4war
11) Ilike2play
12) atlantis

Sygmassacre wrote:
Guess i better enter to defend my shared title from season 1
Unfortunately you have been Sygmassacred and for you the chase...is over