How do we find territorys?
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pekiha wrote:
When we get a card, it has a title. When you put the curser on the title, you get a kind of bulls eye on the map. You know where it is. The same in the gamelog, unless fog.
If you write it in the gamechat or teamchat, the curser wont help. You have to search the map with your eyes.
Especially in teamgames and big maps it wood be helpfull, if you write territory for your mate to attack/defend in next move as well as reinforcements.
The new and wonderful Atlantis is really weird to descripe ;)
Hope this makes sence
Regards Per, Denmark.
Matty wrote:
What you can do is this:
- You hover with your mouse over the territory you want to 'chat' about. If you hover over it, you'll see a 'link'. Let's say the link is this:
- You remember the number behind the hash (#) sign. In the example that's 66.
- You type, "hey teammate, can you reinforce to [ terr ]66[ /terr ]" (but then without the spaces near the [ and ] characters).
- In the chat that terr thing will turn into a link and your teammate can click it to get a bullseye.
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pekiha wrote:
Thanks Matty.
I cant make it work. In any case it would be nice if writing a terr. name would occur as a link/the bulls eye.
Have a nice day.