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periwinkle wrote:

Hurry and grab yourself a team of three and partake in a 3v3v3 epic tournament! 
The first 7 teams to sign up will be part of this inaugural event!


There will be 6 rounds. All maps will have 24 hours turns, increasing cards, original dice, sunny (no fog), no advance cards.

Round 1 North America: Deathmatch
Round 2 North America: Capitals
Round 3 New York City: Deathmatch
Round 4 New York City: Capitals
Round 5 Gold Coast: Deathmatch
Round 6 Gold Coast: Capitals

For each round, all teams play against each other on the same map and settings. Each team will play 3 games simultaneously. (All 7 games in each round are played simultaneously.) Every two weeks, then the next round will begin regardless if the previous round is complete. This will keep the tournament going.
For example:

Round 1 North America: Deathmatch

GAME ONE: Team 1 v Team 2 v Team 3
GAME TWO: Team 1 v Team 4 v Team 5
GAME THREE: Team 1 v Team 6 v Team 7
GAME FOUR: Team 2 v Team 4 v Team 6
GAME FIVE: Team 2 v Team 5 v Team 7
GAME SIX: Team 3 v Team 4 v Team 7
GAME SEVEN: Team 3 v Team 5 v Team 6

For each kill your team makes, the team earns 1 point. This does not include killing your teammates. The team that wins the game will earn 4 points. The maximum points won per game is 10 points. The team with the most points will win the tournament.  In an event of a tie, the team with the most games won during the tournament will win. If the number of games and kills are equal, then the two teams will win the best out of three in a 3v3 game on the map Zealandia: Deathmatch. Results will be listed here in this table.


Time Commitment: 
This tournament will take approximately 3 months to complete. Make sure you find teammates that can commit to this length of time. If players are not able to complete the tournament, the team must replace a teammate with another player of their choice within 72 hours. Otherwise, the team will be assigned a substitute. Substitute players are players that signed up without a team and are on the wait list.

Entry requirement:
1. Each player will have 30 rating points deducted when the first game starts. This will be a manual adjustment. An email message from me will be sent prior as a reminder. 
2. Each player must have a minimum of 10 team games played or have their teammate vouch for them.
3. Have 1 representative from your team respond to this forum post with the players’ name and name of the team. Players that sign up without a team, will be matched up with a team. If there are not enough players to make a team. They will be contacted if a substitute is needed and be put on a wait list.

You will win rating points (yes, you read that correctly!)…plus tokens. The rating points collected for the entry requirement is the pot of points that the winning team wins. Each player on the winning team will receive 150 rating points each. The second-place team will win 45 rating points each and the third-place team will win 15 rating points each.

Donations of tokens are also welcomed! Tokens will be shared in the following way: First place 70%, second 20%, third 10%.
Periwinkle: 9000 tokens

So…what are you waiting for? Find yourself a team of 3 and be the first 7 to sign up. Who knows you might be 150 points richer!

"Nothing is permanent except for elimination" -- ericjkline (one of my jedi risk masters)
periwinkle wrote:

3 Amigos
"Nothing is permanent except for elimination" -- ericjkline (one of my jedi risk masters)
Wompdompers wrote:

Team name: the weak womp blast
periwinkle wrote:
The tournament is now filled.  Thank you everyone for your interest!

The first 7 teams is in tournament....I will send out a message shortly.  The last team that joined (the weak womp blast) will be our substitutes. 

Stay tuned for more fun tournaments!
"Nothing is permanent except for elimination" -- ericjkline (one of my jedi risk masters)
Rockbert wrote:
Rockbert, Whiteh58, and Ryomyr are in
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Rockbert is online.
periwinkle wrote:
Sorry, the tournament is filled....but thank you for your interest! You will be called on for a substitute should we need one. Thanks!
"Nothing is permanent except for elimination" -- ericjkline (one of my jedi risk masters)
periwinkle wrote:
Thank you to all those players that have signed up! Unfortunately, I can only take the first 7 teams. Stay tuned for more exciting tournaments!

Team 1: The Wilds: Pygmyhippo277, ChipmunkWarrior, Mjawad
Team 2: TigerTeam: Great_Kabuki, calebdecker, DRoy20
Team 3: SPX Winged Lions: DarkErik, Pengyyyyyyy, EricBoehm87
Team 4: 3 Amigos: periwinkle, bluebonnet, clarkenfeld
Team 5: Texas is Back: fred_pwns, thedougabides, bilby
Team 6: The High Rollers: abs, begold, irob
Team 7: Invictus: General_Ender, Robit, Goryh

"Nothing is permanent except for elimination" -- ericjkline (one of my jedi risk masters)
periwinkle wrote:
I will be posting the results of each game here in this thread: 

Invictus is awarded 10 points for this game: (4 points for the won game and 6 points for the 6 kills)

"Nothing is permanent except for elimination" -- ericjkline (one of my jedi risk masters)