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Hoodlum wrote:
2v2 Team Tournament - Double Elimination (best of 5 games per opponent)

Tournament Bracket

5000 tokens prize donated by Hoodlum. Token donation accepted 1002 donated by 2ofclubs (received) 1500 donated by Abs23 (received) 5000 donated by doughboy (received)

total prize received: 12,502

32 teams.  

To enter. say "Im in" or something likewise. If you don't have a partner, I will pair another independent player up with you. You will be paired up with someone. If your fair play score is low, you may not qualify. 

seed shuffled list

1. Transmogrifiers @Elysium5 @maafi
2. Maybe a pair? Pair for now! - @Temul @dogs10098
3. Domination Inc @Huskers01 @Deepdaleduck
4. Greeswedice @Clarkenfeld @Engelbrekt
5. Not So Blue - @DurandalBlue @NotSoFast
6. DeathBell @Black_Death @mononbell
7. OurFluffyBoy @Drax @rheisel
8. Dhut @DRoy20 @blfingerhut
9. Dominating Two - @GM_Archiee @KoE_Doja
10. Eorlingas @Ruca77 @DExist0
11. Blag and I are in @Stackback69 @Blagoje_Jovovic
12. The Smelly Hillbillies @Jethro37 @Rancid
13. Tennesseebluez @Bluegoetz @Tennesseelogman
14. Ocean Blue! @SN007 @DreamStreet
15. JohnMark @Johnnybto @markdeli
16. GreatDecker @calebdecker @Great_Kabuki
17. Hickey @Bulletproof @hortik
18. TemBuckTwo @Temul @OneWayBuckeye
19. Hal's 'Club @haloway13 @2ofclubs
20. Habanero Ring of Fire - @God_of_War @FrankieYale
21. GrandMasters - @Hoodlum @Vicious
22. Skool @SHJENKE @Kwikool
23. Cokram @CODIAC @KramJ86
24. Jekyll & Hyde - @Abs23 @Irob
25. Peri's Bonnet @Periwinkle @Bluebonnet
26. Mogwai @alee1227 @1949midden
27. TeamTetris @Train @Beav14
28. Big Test Icicles - @NineLives @Nephilim
29. The Boys @hooboy11 @dough_boy
30. BackdoorWomp  @BackdoorBlast @Wompdompers
31. Vandy @vorple @andymech
32. 58 Rocks Walk Into a Bar @Rockbert @Whiteh58
Hoodlum is online.
Hoodlum wrote:
hmm a mistake only spotted now

Temul is in two teams, and now he is playing against himself in the loser bracket lol.

I will find a sub for one of those teams to carry on.
Hoodlum is online.
ungoliath wrote:
I'm in.

Partner: Barbaro
Team: Riskeira Sacra

We have donated 1000 tokens