For players at the time of registration with a rating of 2600+
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Blagoje_Jovovic wrote:
2nd Lieutenant ranks
and higher ranks are participants in this tournament.
18 or 27 players
maps of 9 players are played
Deathmetch & capitals per map. Only the best received an award.
The maps that will be played are:
2.Baltic Sea
3.French Republic
5.New York City
8.World double
9.World Expanded
10.World Inverted
11.Zealandia AD 202020
Donations are welcome
1. @braveheart1
2. @Blagoje_Jovovic
3. @Mdhaglund
4. @cdravis
5. @Banaan
6. @Matty
7. @Hoodlum
8. @maafi
9. @@
10. @GM_Archiee
11. @TimTheGreat
12. @Staback69
13. @@
14. @@
15. @@
16. @@
17. @@
18. @@
  @braveheart1 2600
  @Hoodlum    5000
  @maafi       5000
  @TP_knighty  3000
  @TimTheGreat 1000
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braveheart1 wrote:
if its capitals then i will have to pass because i suck in capitals but if its death match then i would be glad to join
both ways thanks for the invitation Jovovic
good luck all and have fun and dont forget to kill banaan
Matty wrote:
Can I join? Haven't played in a while.
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maafi wrote:
I’ll play and donate 5000 tokens

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TimTheGreat wrote:
I'd like to play. Currently right at 2600 as I'm posting. I'll donate 1000 tokens as well.

The_Bishop wrote:
Blagoje is sergeant, Braveheart is sergeant too and C-dravis is private!! Hoodlum is chief war-off, GM_Archiee is com-sergeant, TimTheGreat is war-officer and DreamStreet is com-corporal... I mean, in other words the legit participants are just 5: M-dhag, Banaan, Matty, Maafi and Staback! ;)
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