Team Tournament 2 vs 2
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elysium5 wrote:
Let me know if you need to extend any time in games or if you need them paused to help sort out any issues.
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Mach wrote:
My teammate is out. Anyone with 200+ games interested in replacing him?
Blagoje_Jovovic wrote:
games are on
Good luck to all
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periwinkle wrote:
I have a complaint.  When I signed up for this tournament, the expectation was that 3 games were played at a time. Today I had all 12 games start at the same time. I did NOT sign up for this. I realize that this game is fun however, it is not fun when you did not have any warning that 12 new games will start up all at once. Trying to manage this game load and real life no longer makes this fun. Please be respectful of other players time and not jam all these games in without due warning.
Tennesseelogman wrote:
i have 15. this was discussed before and it was not a unanimous agreement to change the time line.. i do not mind but others do. it is what it is now. the tourney was dragging enough that we were losing players.
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Bulletproof wrote:
The tourney was dragging? Are you kidding? You may have nothing else to do, but I have not signed on to play 12 games at the same time. This decision is taken without everyone agreeing. I am inclined to stop playing because of the lack of respect towards the players.
dough_boy wrote:
I was as surprised as everyone. I had pinged blag and asked when the next round would start and now this...

But like Tenn said, when you are in a tournament you want it to get done in a timely matter so that you don't lose people, and so people can join other tournaments.

Technically when everyone signed up it was not stated whether it would be one at a time or multiple. A post was made later on the 1st day of the tournament which started February 1st. So it has been going on for 8 months, and likely would be at least 10 before it was all said and done.

I wouldn't have minded 2 at a time, 5 is a lot...
Tennesseelogman wrote:
my partner will have trouble w that many turns per day so i will take all the time needed to try and give him just 6-7 turns per day. perhaps the turn length could be changed to 48 hrs
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periwinkle wrote:
I'm sorry, I messaged him privately BEFORE joining the tournament and he assured me only 3 games at a time. Perhaps I should have asked openly in the forum.  I also encouraged many players to join and of the players I asked we are still here in the tournament, all 4 teams. Of the 4 teams, we all quite honourable and have integrity not to drop out. Furthermore we knew this tournament would last at least a year due to it's set up. We didn't mind since we came from a site where the main tournament is exactly a year we knew the kind of time long term time commitment that was involved. I would never asked them to join this have a pile of games dumped on you. This is still a disrespect of players time. I don't blame bulletproof for feeling they way that she feels, I've played with her for almost 3 years and she will not let anyone down....but this is not cool.  If I wanted an extra 12 games I would have joined an extra 12 games...or in dough_boy case 15 games...not cool.
Blagoje_Jovovic wrote:
I answer to you peri
Manny was about to leave ,this was the only way to get tournament run and finish.
First manny wanted it on this way now manny complains 
I dont know without this tournament was going to fail.
Its 4 rounds at once ,3 or 12 games is not so huge difference at all.
“Vital lives are about action. You can't feel warmth unless you create it, can't feel delight until you play, can't know serendipity unless you risk.”
periwinkle wrote:
So you rather keep one person happy then the rest of us?....I see. Then why ask for an our opinion months ago and then ignore it? Next time, if you do try to run a tournament....make sure you set clear expectations and make the tournament has an end/structure.  Ask hoodlum for help. He has a nice structure to his tournaments with a clear defining end. Like I said before, I knew this would be a long tournament and we were committed to have a nice steady flow of's disappointing it didn't happen that way.