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Rockbert wrote:
Fight in the Fog is a team death-match pairs tournament with fog of war and capped cards.

8 player games, 4 teams of 2 all big maps, capped cards at 25 and with fog of war this will mean strategy matters more than it does in increasing card games. 

MAPS: Atlantis, Texas, World Inverted, Italy, World War II, French Republic, and Baltic Sea.

Dice: Original
Fortification: Chained
Cards: Capped at 25
Fog: Yes
Gametype: Deathmatch
Number of Players: 40 (20 teams)

The tournament will go 7 rounds and whichever team has the best record out of 7 rounds wins the tournament.

1st Prize = 3,500 battle tokens*
2nd Prize = 1,650 tokens
3rd Prize = 850 tokens
(*donations accepted)

NOTE: To join type in the thread, "I'm in" and add your partner's name so I can pair you up with the player you want to team up with.



nperry54 - 2,000 tokens
TimTheGreat - 1,000 tokens
TheBishop - 1,000 tokens

Team 1:
1) Rockbert
2) Jasonriskaccount

Team 2:
3) whiteh58
4) boomoo82

Team 3:
5) God_of_War
6) FrankieYale

Team 4:
7) Haloway13
8) 2ofClubs

Team 5:
9) dough_boy
10) hooboy11

Team 6:
11) Vicious
12) Hoodlum

Team 7:
13) GM_Archiee
14) Braveheart1

Team 8:
15) rheisel
16) Drax

Team 9:
17) alunturner
18) Excalibur_83

Team 10:
19) milnejw24
20) Reed00042

Team 11:
21) nperry54
22) Zlatan44

Team 12:
23) Kendilcave
24) Kevmol

Team 13:
25) RearAdmiralAmick
26) TimTheGreat

Team 14:
27) dwcalvert
28) huskers01

Team 15:
30) BowDown

Team 16:
31) Ready4War

Team 17:
33) BackdoorBlast
34) Wompdompers

Team 18:
35) Cinco-DeMaio
36) Droppdwn

Team 19:
37) HalSucks
38) 1949midden

Team 20:
39) markdeli
40) Johnnybto

Rockbert is online.
Rockbert wrote:
Welcome! and thanks for joining! Once I have all the team slots filled I will create the games.
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Ryomyr wrote:
Drax and I are in.
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milnejw24 wrote:
I'll play with anyone who doesn't have a partner assuming these are long term games
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Rockbert wrote:
Yes, milnejw24, these are all 24 hour games. If someone else wants to join without a partner I will match the two of you up. Thanks for joining!
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nperry54 wrote:
nperry54 and Zlatan44 would like in and to be on a team in the tournament.

Also i'll donate 2000 battle tokens towards the cause.

Thanks for setting it up!
Rockbert wrote:
Excellent! Thank you for the donation. Please just go to my profile page and donate there. Thank you! You and Zlatan are in.
Rockbert is online.