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Hoodlum wrote:
Pairs Tournament 16 teams - Something different. No 2v2 games... This is tournament to determine which team is the best against multiple teams in a knockout format. The eventual winner will have won 3 games. It takes 2 wins to get into the final game. 2 losses to be eliminated.
I have written the format in the spoiler. I'll get around to adding bold and colour so you can understand it better.
format (click to show)

Hoodlum wrote:
This tournament has already started.


transferring details to tournament forum thread.

Team Sign ups
1 Sagittarius @Hoodlum @NineLives
2 The Boys @dough_boy @hooboy11
3 Mix & match @mxdev & @blah21
4 Noviz @Vizago40 & @none123
5 Prover @Privy14 & @rollover
6 Team Swedes @Whisp @Salander
5 The A Team @alphax211 @Riskk
8 TeamTetris @Beav14 @Train
9 QueenNation @blfingerhut @DRoy20
10 TigerPride @Great_Kabuki @CalebDecker
11 DeathBell @Black_Death @mononbell
12 Blues Brothers @nickdabubble & @vodkamikebid
13 DuandDoja @DurandalBlue @KOE_Doja
14 vorkiha @vorple @pekiha
15 Domination Inc @Deepdaleduck @Huskers01
16 Tennessee Blues @Tennesseelogman @Bluegoetz 
Hoodlum wrote:
next round

winners of the 2v2v2v2 face off

TeamTetris @Beav14 @Train vs DuandDoja @DurandalBlue @KOE_Doja vs Team Swedes @Whisp @Salander vs The Boys @dough_boy @hooboy11

losers of the 2v2v2v2 face of in 2v2v2
dough_boy wrote:
My p talked about being on vacation, might need to extend his time until he is back...I will ping him.
Hoodlum wrote:
yeah. same with whisp. i won't start this until i've heard back.
Hoodlum wrote:
and the best of the best of the best - bragging rights... drum roll..

THE BOYS. @dough_boy and @hooboy11 with a clean sweep of all their games.
dough_boy wrote:
Thanks everyone! It was great competition and I am looking forward to the next one. Thanks Hood!