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Hoodlum wrote:
World Inverted Tournament #14
Currently the players on the map are Staff, Mapmaker contributers, Dominator winners, Players who purchased General rank.

Tournament details

Requires 9 active players. Prize = Earn your username on the map. The realm of D12. Pick Your territory!

Entry condition.

*Any player with their map on already may play as a challenger. maximum 4 players
*No players that have a ban type such as chat, or 2p only restriction.
*You must be a regular user, have played at least 500 games or a member for 2+ years
Points & Scoring.

There are four 9 player games with 9 points for the winner, aswell as 8 1v1 games against each opponent with 1 point earned for each win.

9 player deathmatch   9 points   Chained, Increasing
9 player capital     9 points      Chained, Increasing
9 player assassination  9 points  Chained, Increasing
9 player domination  9 points    Chained, Increasing

1v1 vs all opponents.  1 point for each win

Highest Points wins.

All players will be added manually by me, no need to worry about available game slots.

1 @Hoodlum
2 @ProblemChild96
3 @vodkamikebid
4 @andymech
5 @GM_Archiee
6 @Whisp
8 @DurandalBlue
9 @KoE_Doja