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Play a free game of Risk, Strategy and World Domination online. This is a turn based strategy game based on the classic board game. You can play multiple 24 hour turn games at a time and log in once a day to take your turns and you can also play free live, real-time games online with 5 minute turns. You must create an account to play games.


50+ Unique game boards (maps)

You can have fun playing your opponents on the classic World Map or explore our 50+ unique maps. We have maps of the United States, Europe, Great Britain and Ireland, the Mediterranean, Africa, Eastern Asia, New York City, San Francisco, Tamriel, Westeros and many more. Maps are designed and critiqued by our community before being added to our map database. If you have a good idea or are creative with Photoshop please do drop into our Map Creation Forum and help us create a map.

Four gametypes

When you play a classic Deathmatch game you win by taking a risk and using strategy to eliminate all your opponents from each territory on the board. When you play a game with Capitals you need only conquer an opponent's Capital to defeat them and automatically take all their territories. You can risk your troops by attacking your enemy's Capital or use them instead to defend your own. For faster games of risk try the Domination gametype where you only need to conquer a majority of the territories on the map to win, or the Assassination gametype where you have to kill only one specific target.

Multiple game options

You can select Fixed for the card turn in value and receive 8 troops per set or select Increasing in which case each set is worth more troops than the last. For end of turn Fortifications you can choose between Adjacent, Chained, or Unlimited. In a game with the Fog of War option enabled you are unable to see your opponent's territories unless they are next to a territory you own. You can't see which players own the other territories. One strategy is to deceive your opponents by using small amounts of troops to defend large areas to make them think you do not actually own the area. The other players can't see how many troops you gain each turn. It's a risk, but it can pay off.