• Gametype: Deathmatch
  • Players: 8
  • Game 929357
  • Teams: Free for all
  • Turn order: Consecutive
Cards (underlined if owned):
Secret alliances and teams are not allowed. Temporary alliances must be made in the game chat. See the site rules.
Newyork 0x 177 troops 16 territories 10 reinforcements reinforcements
Law_Abiding_Citizen 0x 0 troops 0 territories 0 reinforcements reinforcements
ChakanaWarrior 0x 103 troops 5 territories 5 reinforcements reinforcements
Billy64 0x 105 troops 4 territories 5 reinforcements reinforcements
farspaceplace 0x 90 troops 11 territories 7 reinforcements reinforcements
privy14 0x 70 troops 13 territories 11 reinforcements reinforcements
vizago40 0x 113 troops 5 territories 6 reinforcements reinforcements
atlantis 0x 0 troops 0 territories 0 reinforcements reinforcements
  • 30 Jul, 07:42 am
    farspaceplace: u know red - u can also attack your friends fx yellow. Teaming is not allowed
  • 30 Jul, 01:19 pm
    farspaceplace: hmm maybe u just relocating...guess it makes sense w a region thats surrounded hard
  • 31 Jul, 04:06 pm
    Law_Abiding_Citizen: Kind of wish we had teamed up... Green is about to wreck my day lol
  • 31 Jul, 06:21 pm
    farspaceplace: well, its never too late. Right now it might make sense to do it. Green was able to build up, but fortunately his dice wasnt the best.
  • 03 Aug, 02:08 am
    farspaceplace: Not about to att u red if u worried. Defense against green - even though i doubt he s interested in att me at the mo---but doesnt hurt to be careful
  • 03 Aug, 04:01 pm
    Newyork: Not about to att u red or pink.
  • 03 Aug, 05:50 pm
    Law_Abiding_Citizen: Well that narrows it down... just make it quick green, it’s the humane thing tod do
  • 04 Aug, 05:05 pm
    Newyork: Sorry Yellow I can not go quicker, it's too risky
  • 07 Aug, 04:48 pm
    farspaceplace: Yellow u might actually be able to make a comeback. Agreed chances are not great, but in Risk it is sometimes possible to rise from the "death", so to speak.
  • 10 Aug, 12:57 am
    farspaceplace: not trying to att u orange. actually trying to help u.
  • 10 Aug, 09:01 pm
    Billy64: I may be beyond help but I weakened blue a bit in that area...
  • 10 Aug, 10:22 pm
    farspaceplace: tnx...to be honest i also wanted that tert...but i reallly truly wanted to hellp also, as lt blue was getting big.,
  • 10 Aug, 10:34 pm
    farspaceplace: u was a bit spread out. bit of a lost cause. focus on ur purple tert, and spread from there, i would say.
  • 10 Aug, 10:37 pm
    farspaceplace: Just saw ur profile btw....also lived in Alabama for a year( exchange student), The town of Andulsia, sort of small town, close to northern Florida.
  • 11 Aug, 05:10 pm
    Billy64: No, problem, I gave up on that region...
  • 11 Aug, 05:12 pm
    Billy64: Cool, 1/8 of my ancestors were from Denmark.i haven't yet, but going to try to get to Europe one of these years...
  • 12 Aug, 10:20 pm
    farspaceplace: urgh reinforced to wrong tert...was meant to go south to Alfred Nzo- so dont feel too threatened green/red
  • 12 Aug, 10:29 pm
    farspaceplace: oh well, it might be ok to have some troops up there anyhow
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