• Gametype: Deathmatch
  • Players: 5
  • Game 928474
  • Teams: Free for all
  • Turn order: Consecutive
Cards (underlined if owned):
Card bonus fixed
Secret alliances and teams are not allowed. Temporary alliances must be made in the game chat. See the site rules.
Great_Kabuki 6x 148 troops 81 territories 72 reinforcements reinforcements
calebdecker 0x 0 troops 0 territories 0 reinforcements reinforcements
Black_Death 0x 0 troops 0 territories 0 reinforcements reinforcements
mononbell 0x 0 troops 0 territories 0 reinforcements reinforcements
Train 0x 0 troops 0 territories 0 reinforcements reinforcements
  • 17 Jul, 01:27 pm
    calebdecker: hey jerky,  stop it
  • 19 Jul, 04:19 am
    mononbell: You stop it
  • 19 Jul, 04:20 am
    mononbell: You started it
  • 20 Jul, 12:06 pm
    Great_Kabuki: Hey Jerky, don’t start it.
  • 21 Jul, 02:00 am
    Black_Death: Now that they're gone, why the hell did you put those 12 there?
  • 22 Jul, 01:50 pm
    calebdecker: hey Kabuki... what is your problem? I feel like you are giving Train credibility with these incessant kamakazi attacks
  • 23 Jul, 02:11 am
    Train: Decker, don't compare a dude breaking you up to what Kabuki did to me 2017-2018. You whine too much, and this is coming from a dude that started 0-9, and couldn't recover.
  • 23 Jul, 12:56 pm
    calebdecker: breaking me up 3x?
  • 24 Jul, 03:27 am
    Great_Kabuki: Whine. Whine. You're welcome for me missing my turn
  • 24 Jul, 09:22 am
    calebdecker: in my best Nelson voice.... Ha ha
  • 24 Jul, 02:57 pm
    calebdecker: I do not understand your strategy.
  • 24 Jul, 02:58 pm
    calebdecker: Murder-suicide: Excessively attacking a player knowing beforehand that it will cause you both to lose.
  • 26 Jul, 12:15 am
    Great_Kabuki: My missed turn couldn't have come at a better time. Nice alliance with Benson.
  • 27 Jul, 10:57 am
    calebdecker: Got no alliance w Benson.  That is CART. Would attack benson again if you stopped kami’img me
  • 27 Jul, 09:48 pm
    mononbell: Deck how have you not won. You have half the board!
  • 28 Jul, 01:40 am
    calebdecker: Dunnick attacks me every turn
  • 28 Jul, 01:40 am
    calebdecker: Now you
  • 28 Jul, 01:42 am
    calebdecker: You attacking wrong guy
  • 29 Jul, 10:07 pm
    Black_Death: Do I need to attack Decker? Who's winning?
  • 30 Jul, 06:15 pm
    calebdecker: kabuki is crushing me
  • 30 Jul, 06:15 pm
    calebdecker: don't know who is winning.  my best guess is that I was and now someone else is
  • 30 Jul, 06:17 pm
    calebdecker: from where I sit I can't believe somebody ELSE has not won this... kabuki and I battling every turn, to the death
  • 30 Jul, 08:05 pm
    Black_Death: You both seem to have a lot of guys left. What's your definition of "battling?"
  • 30 Jul, 10:04 pm
    calebdecker: We are in round 19.  Not joking when I say Dunnick has attacked me the last 18 rounds.  The last 12 or so costing 15+ soldiers a turn
  • 30 Jul, 10:10 pm
    calebdecker: it is amazing nobody is stopping kabuki here
  • 31 Jul, 11:59 am
    mononbell: Decker you were the only one who could!!! And you sit on your ass.
  • 31 Jul, 08:33 pm
    calebdecker: fakenews.  no sitting. 
  • 31 Jul, 08:35 pm
    calebdecker: just slowly dying is all
  • 01 Aug, 12:55 am
    Black_Death: Then die faster. If Cole ruined your game, exact revenge!
  • 01 Aug, 11:35 am
    Train: How does one Kami for 17 rounds? I think we’ve established Deck doesn’t know what it means.
  • 03 Aug, 01:55 pm
    mononbell: Decker you still have half the board what are you doing?
  • 03 Aug, 03:21 pm
    calebdecker: you sound like Trump, just making shit up.  I have one territory.  Probably dead next turn.  Are neither of you attacking kabuki>?
  • 03 Aug, 03:31 pm
    Great_Kabuki: FOG. Violator.
  • 04 Aug, 07:02 pm
    Black_Death: wtf, Dunnick? You don't get a bonus at the end for having 5 guys in every spot. You could have ended this game a week ago.
  • 04 Aug, 07:35 pm
    calebdecker: oh now you just realize that dunnick has a million guys.  jesus
  • 04 Aug, 11:03 pm
    Black_Death: I was boxed in early. Bad deal and Wayne dropped 12 guys in the middle of where I planned to win when he was just trying to hide. I never had the armies to fight until now. It's ridiculous I lasted this long.
  • 05 Aug, 02:18 am
    Great_Kabuki: Drummond and Beans have been dead for weeks. Just a matter of time. Knocking the shit out of Decker took a lot of juice. 
  • 05 Aug, 02:18 am
    Great_Kabuki: Fixed cards = long ass game.
  • 05 Aug, 02:18 am
    Great_Kabuki: Had to grind Decker out.
  • 05 Aug, 02:01 pm
    Black_Death: This is the first game I've ever wanted to resign from because of how poor a job the winner was doing at winning.
  • 05 Aug, 03:10 pm
    calebdecker: who set this up?  fixed card games suck
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