• Gametype: Deathmatch
  • Players: 8
  • Game 891457
  • Teams: Free for all
  • Turn order: Consecutive
Cards (underlined if owned):
Next card bonus: 20 (cap: 20)
Secret alliances and teams are not allowed. Temporary alliances must be made in the game chat. See the site rules.
BamBam9 0x 0 troops 0 territories 0 reinforcements reinforcements
ctungq 0x 0 troops 0 territories 0 reinforcements reinforcements
calebdecker 0x 0 troops 0 territories 0 reinforcements reinforcements
vorple 0x 0 troops 0 territories 0 reinforcements reinforcements
Billy64 0x 0 troops 0 territories 0 reinforcements reinforcements
armir 0x 0 troops 0 territories 0 reinforcements reinforcements
nadroj19 5x 359 troops 91 territories 82 reinforcements reinforcements
andinski 0x 0 troops 0 territories 0 reinforcements reinforcements
  • 27 Feb, 09:53 pm
    ctungq: Blue is game 707307 still one of your best games? I still remembered that war. I have not played for several months
  • 01 Mar, 07:05 pm
    vorple: the one was a good match, my best game is prob this one: https://dominating12.com/game/708833 its been going for like over 3 years somehow
  • 02 Mar, 12:12 pm
    ctungq: That is one hell of a game
  • 05 Mar, 07:35 pm
    vorple: lol orange and yellow wat the heck is going on
  • 06 Mar, 12:41 am
    ctungq: Making the game fun
  • 07 Mar, 12:22 am
    Billy64: Oh yeah!
  • 07 Mar, 04:29 am
    ctungq: Purple, the way you moved your troops was not very friendly
  • 15 Mar, 11:46 pm
    ctungq: andinski, black is taking more control over the board. Time to stop attacking each other?
  • 15 Mar, 11:47 pm
    ctungq: red was kicked, and black will take over red's abandoned regions soon
  • 17 Mar, 09:27 pm
    vorple: yo green fuc off already
  • 17 Mar, 10:28 pm
    nadroj19: lol yellow strangely enough i am not the only player trying for those easy territories...and we dont even share any borders. so i am unsure where you are located in the board?
  • 17 Mar, 10:29 pm
    nadroj19: you must be going for them as well, maybe purple should worry about you as well no?
  • 17 Mar, 10:59 pm
    calebdecker: yo blue chill out already
  • 18 Mar, 01:37 am
    ctungq: nadroj19 (Black) I was saying it based on the fact that you took my 2 regions, and I knew where you were before, together with red. We used to have borders. You are probably the strongest on the board.
  • 18 Mar, 01:37 am
    ctungq: Just saying what I know and think.
  • 18 Mar, 01:39 am
    ctungq: And purple could make his/her own judgement
  • 18 Mar, 04:46 pm
    nadroj19: youre making shit up obviously, because i have had two regions this entire game and they are both small ones, if you think im the only one who shared borders with red then you are strongly misplaying everyone else
  • 18 Mar, 04:46 pm
    nadroj19: but whatever man, enjoy your game, and good luck to you if you think i am the only one who was able to move on reds relatively easier territories
  • 18 Mar, 09:20 pm
    ctungq: Oh good to know. You make me feel like I am a blind man. I juat want a good game. Winning is cool. Excitement is number one. Hm... Wonder who are controlling the board
  • 27 Mar, 05:40 am
    vorple: damn blk how much troops are you getting to be able to walk through 30+ troops multiple turns in a row lmao
  • 27 Mar, 09:15 am
    ctungq: Blk potentially have South Amer and half not NorthAmer
  • 27 Mar, 01:34 pm
    nadroj19: i used cards the first time bud, funny, you were able to take a region bonus from me the first time then wipe out all the troops i had with my cards the second turn as well
  • 27 Mar, 01:36 pm
    nadroj19: you sure "know" alot about this game for a fog game yellow
  • 27 Mar, 01:37 pm
    nadroj19: especially for a player who has sat idle the last two turns
  • 27 Mar, 01:38 pm
    nadroj19: that said blue, you attacked me first, which is why i came back at you, its up to you, we can continue our war or call a cease fire for now, up to you
  • 27 Mar, 10:01 pm
    ctungq: I was surrendered so couldn't do much
  • 28 Mar, 01:27 am
    ctungq: *surrounded
  • 01 Apr, 09:25 am
    vorple: wat areas does purple control
  • 01 Apr, 11:34 am
    nadroj19: its a fog game, i really hope no one says what areas purple controls
  • 02 Apr, 07:30 pm
    vorple: i thought we werent attacking blk?
  • 12 Apr, 01:20 pm
    ctungq: You scare me black
  • 18 Apr, 07:17 pm
    nadroj19: says the guy who just completely wiped out a region of mine
  • 21 Apr, 02:13 pm
    ctungq: You seem stronger than your words
  • 27 Apr, 11:38 pm
    calebdecker: glad to be out of this one
  • 07 May, 01:41 am
    ctungq: Black you can't keep attacking me and ignoring others
  • 08 May, 03:40 am
    nadroj19: First off we don’t have any shared borders, and second off please do tell me how you somehow have the knowledge of who I am currently attacking or ignoring?
  • 12 May, 09:53 pm
    Billy64: If you don't attack me again, I don't have to do that to you again...
  • 12 May, 09:53 pm
    Billy64: I don't think you expected that?
  • 15 May, 05:57 pm
    vorple: sry whoever, i have to flee black
  • 15 May, 05:58 pm
    vorple: open a path somewhere if you dnt want to fight
  • 28 May, 07:42 pm
    andinski: well black owns n amwerica s america africa oz europe and scan ive just temporarily relieved him of the western sides , now maybe the time if any to make some headway cack against him or get swallowed by black gundge :
  • 28 May, 07:43 pm
    andinski: gg ya all btw
  • 29 May, 07:43 pm
    nadroj19: Gg all
  • 30 May, 10:58 pm
    Billy64: Did someone win?
  • 31 May, 04:43 pm
    vorple: i unleashed all my power
  • 31 May, 04:43 pm
    vorple: game prob still over tho
  • 31 May, 06:11 pm
    Billy64: Did I just help purple win by attacking black the last few turns?
  • 01 Jun, 01:04 am
    nadroj19: no, dont worry, you didnt
  • 01 Jun, 01:20 am
    Billy64: Ah, gg
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