• Gametype: Assassination
  • Players: 6
  • Game 890943
  • Teams: Free for all
  • Turn order: Consecutive
Cards (underlined if owned):
Next card bonus: 15
Secret alliances and teams are not allowed. Temporary alliances must be made in the game chat. See the site rules.
ajsbus 3x 6 troops 5 territories 3 reinforcements reinforcements
Matty 5x 30 troops 8 territories 5 reinforcements reinforcements
the_schneidzy 4x 34 troops 14 territories 9 reinforcements reinforcements
Hoodlum 3x 35 troops 16 territories 13 reinforcements reinforcements
BamBam9 0x 0 troops 0 territories 0 reinforcements reinforcements
Machine55 5x 37 troops 11 territories 6 reinforcements reinforcements
  • 11 Feb, 09:31 pm
    lazer36: No
  • 11 Feb, 09:31 pm
    lazer36: Thank you.
  • 11 Feb, 09:31 pm
    lazer36: GL
  • 14 Feb, 06:26 pm
    Matty: gl hf everyone!
  • 15 Feb, 05:12 pm
    Matty: @Machine55, would you allow my troops in territory 2837 to escape via the blue port? I've given your troops in territory 2864 a way out as well.
  • 17 Feb, 02:04 am
    Machine55: Sorry I’m just seeing this now and I have no idea where your talking about, I see no numbers that you’ve mentioned
  • 18 Feb, 05:20 pm
    Matty: If you click on the link it'll highlight the territory. But it's too late now anyways, the troops on both territories are dead B|
  • 24 Feb, 09:33 pm
    ajsbus: Almost unbelievable...not once in this entire game did red or cyan attack their targets. Not one single time
  • 26 Feb, 08:51 am
    Matty: Most of the time it's better not to attack early on. If you do, your target will be weak, but so will you. Most likely outcome: whoever has you as a target wins.
  • 26 Feb, 08:52 am
    Matty: gg
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