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Hoodlum wrote:
Capitals Tournament VI

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1. @Hoodlum
2. @Clarke
3. @Simomosi
4. @lazer36
5 @GM_Archiee
6 @KoE_Doja
7 @k0canada613
8 @Whisp
9 @B4rny
10 @Valhalla
11 @andymech
12 @loki
13 @Davor
14 @Raedgh
15 @Texx
16 @avestruz
17 @Sygmassacre
18 @dogs10098
19 @clydesdale444
20 @Connorkey
21 @DurandalBlue
22 @johnnybto
23 @TP_knighty
24 @AlexCheckMate

Hoodlum is online.
TP_knighty wrote:
ooppa almsot too late thx to canada reminding in lobby im in for some more lt games now hehe

in please ty :)
AlexCheckMate wrote:
I'll join too please, if still available :3
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