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Hoodlum wrote:
Capitals Tournament IV

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1. @Hoodlum
2. @andymech
3. @Muzthebus
4. @RM_REP
5 @Whisp
6 @ProblemChild96
7 @Vicious
8 @k0canada613
9 @hooboy11
10 @Davor
11 @DumbPlay
12 @KoE_Doja
13 @GM_Archiee
14 @lazer36
15 @Texx
16 @momagajic
17 @markdeli
18 @Clarke
19 @simomosi
20 @Riskk
21 @paceme
22 @EvilSinner666
23 @narendramodi
24 @KoE_KittyKat

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Hoodlum wrote:
to keep the tourneys interesting for higher ranked players, tournament points are now included.

points system for this tournament.,

(total token pool = 10,000 - donated from momagajic/johnnybto)
350 points + 7000 tokens (first place)
100 points + 12000 tokens (second place)
50 points + 1000 tokens (third place)

regular points won/loss throughout the games apply as usual = 20 games total

*reminder. all games are played simultaneously.
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Hoodlum wrote:
thanks for your interest Norman. an entry condition is you need to have played at least 50 capitals games.
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Hoodlum wrote:
sorry Blizzard. would like to have the champ in the tournament, but your attendance score = 33 doesn't look like your prepared to take turns this time of the year. missing turns in the 1v1 tournament games, isn't a big deal, but we can't have that happening in the capitals tournament
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Blizzard wrote:
It is what it is. Good luck in the tournament.

Just so we’re on the same page, I missed one day, 36hours, and it resulted in about 50 missed turns and 500+ points. I don’t think I missed a turn in months before that one day I missed 50. And haven’t missed a turn since.

You’ve done more than enough to help me in many ways so I’ll just ask for future tournaments that we look at my history of missing turns over a long period of time and not let one 36 hour period that cost me 500oints, 70+ points in attendance, excludes me from tournaments and excludes me from playing in short-term games, dictate the likelihood of missing turns on a regular basis. Numbers don’t lie.
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